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Thursday, July 2, 2015

DJ Champagne Presents: Jay Rox & Willz – Charley

More Champagne Riddim_edit 
Jay Rox of Zone Fam and Willz of V.T.O.G jumps on More Champagne Riddim Hosted by DJ Champagne. 
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Al Kan-I - Better Than Yesterday Featuring Jay Rox

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Al Kan-I presents his debut music video "Better Than Yesterday" featuring Jay Rox of Zone Fam. This is Al Kan-I's second single of 2015 which is preceded by Cupid Takwata Size featuring the late PJay and Holstar. This video was put together by Tommy Banda of MT Productionz who has worked with the likes of Zone Fam, the song was produced by upcoming Lusaka based producer Reverb of 4th Profile.
"Better Than Yesterday" is Al Kan-I's 'Hustler's Ambition' a reflection if you will of where he has come from and where he is going.


Lloydee - Kabovelo (Official Music Video)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fecko - Hustle Over Feelings (H.O.F)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

After making it on the Yello Charts earlier this year with a dance-oriented single, Nigerian rapper, Fecko, is back with another song "H.O.F" which has chart-topping potentials.
"Hustle Over Feelings" is a catchy Hiphop track produced by Teck-Zilla. It's got a banging beat, sleek delivery and witty lyrics that's somewhat humorous. #HOF is the new movement now.
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Eleftherios Mukuka - Getting There ft. Abel Chungu

Official Music Video Produced by Ground Xero

Check List: What Do if a loved one goes missing

Friday, June 26, 2015

CHECK LIST: What to do if a loved one goes missing ... 

* First and foremost, do not panic. Be kind to yourself, nothing will be
gained by beating yourself up.

* When you have sufficient reason to believe your loved one is missing,
keep a record (name, time, phone number) of everyone to whom you speak ...
you may need to phone them later to call-off the search and thank them.

* Contact friends or family of the mp and ask if they have any knowledge of
the missing person's whereabouts. Ask them to phone around and widen the search, don't
take on everything yourself. Have someone stay by the phone. Try to keep the
house phone free for the missing person to contact you. Use your mobile phone or another
line to receive incoming reports.

* Report person missing to the Police/Gardai/. 

* If the missing person is vulnerable i.e., under 18, over 65, suffering from physical or
mental illness, depressed, disappearance out of character - report the
disappearance to local police/Gardai immediately your suspicions are
aroused. REMEMBER ... it's never too soon.

* If the person is on life-saving medication and had not taken the medicine
with them, contact police/gardai, the local radio stations and newspapers
and ask for help. REMEMBER ... it's never too soon.

* Internet... place photo and appeal on websites.
They will need details like DOB, address, description of mp and police
contact details if reported to the police/gardai. They will advise you of
the options open to you and recommend what to do, and equally as important,
what NOT to do.

* Collect your thoughts ... make a note of clothes missing person was wearing when last
seen, any belongings they took (passport, credit cards, bank books,
suitcase, cash etc.).

* Check phone ... to whom did they last speak? Request itemised bill from
phone company.

* Bank account ... are they withdrawing money? Where?

* Bus check in rural areas especially ... did missing person board the bus?

* If they go missing in town or shopping centres ... check cameras.
* Collect recent photos of missing person (useful for any appeals police or others may
undertake). Check with relatives and friends for better
quality close-up poses (head and shoulders), if you don't have any yourself.
Any photo is better than none, but the more up-to-date, the better.

* Make it a routine to take at least one head and shoulders photograph of
your loved ones each year.

* Distribute posters 

* Ask local newspapers, radio and television for help.

* Ask police/gardai to keep in touch and if they don't, phone them.

What NOT to do if a loved one goes missing

* Do not panic.

* Do not delay in searching. Time can be of the essence.

* Do not keep their disappearance a secret, the more you tell, the more
people you have looking on your behalf and speedier the results might be.

* Do not tidy up their bedroom until the police/gardai have seen it, mess or

* Do not dust before fingerprints have been taken.

* Don't be put off ... you know your own ... follow your intuition.

* Do not wait - if missing person is vulnerable, notify the police as soon as
you think something is wrong.

* Do not put your own telephone numbers or address on posters or
advertisements, to avoid hoaxes - use the police/gardai numbers.

* Do not give up, keep appealing and searching. Remember, people want to
help. Try and keep the name and photo in the public eye.

Born and Bred Nominees List

The Born and Bred Music Video Awards 2015 Nominations have been announced and Here’s a full complete list of the nominations.

Newlex – Imonde
CG – Yala loka
Mathew Tembo – Tisunge ndalama
Tasila Mwale – shekala ku mutima
Vulchino – Sweet honey

Wiggy man – Born from a woman
B’flow – Side plate
Smooth G – Save the Children
Dalisto – Ndichiritseni
Nathan Nyirenda – Mayo

Brisky ft Kan2 – History
Chef and Afunika – Kumalila Ngoma
Mampi and Judy – Basazibe
Bobby East, Petersen and Izrael – Do or Die
Jay Rox, Salma, Cleo – Ituntulu Rmx

Slap dee – Like That
Bobby East – Do or Die
Eddie Black – where are you
Chef – Ndafilwa ukuichindika
Ruff Khaida – Ka Chabe Chabe

T Sean – Umoyo
B1 – Number one fan
J2 – Lalala
Kaladoshas ft Petersen – Cocoa Butter
Urban Hype – Instagram

Tommy D – Chibolya
B1 – Suti
Bryan – Wanga Wanga
Starface – kumanda
Willz ft Wezi – Toliwe

Jay Rox – Joana
Milz – Touch the Road
Salma ft Cactus – Non-Stop
T Sean- Forever
Njoya Tee – Shonongo Alatutuma

Miracle by fire – Ambuye Ngenani
Abel Chungu – Forever
Prophet Emmanuel – Too much
Felix – Shilili
Ben P – Square

MA Africa – Naturally
Future 101 – Whatsapp
Organized Family – Okada
Lloydee – Kabovelo
Secret – Chibelo

Crisis -Thats the way it is
J.K ft Yemi Alade – Paduze
Theo – Lollapalooza
Roberto – Ama Rulah
Portia – Addiction

Kan2 – Mungeli
Nyemba – Yelele
Muso Meyers – Drinking Problem
Davaos – TV
Ronnie – Its Okay

Salma ft Cactus – Non-stop
Mampi – Love Recipe
Franciar – Namiyewa
Kay Figo – Love Song
Kachanana – Ndipita

Tiye-P – Munjeleleko
Willz ft Wezi – Toliwe
Koby ft Slap Dee and B Mark – 4
Jae Cash – Love you
Kaladoshas ft Petersen – Cocoa Butter

Jay Rox – Auto pilot
Slap Dee – Waumfwa
Macky 2 – So Much More
Abel Chungu – Forever
Chef 187 – Ndafilwaukui chindika

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