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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Interview with Ormild Bowie Musonda

Monday, August 17, 2015

Q1.Who is Ormild Bowie Musonda?
Well, I am a student of Information Technology and life in general, a people person type of guy, I like to explore new stuff. I like to simply think of myself as a creative solution provider or system developer what most people now call “An Entrepreneur”

Q2.Tell us about the origins of Kuma Order and what drove you to be where you are today?
Kuma Order [www.kumaorder.com] originated October last year (2014), and it was developed as a venture to promote and distribute our local fashion. What drove me was and still is, the desire to see our fashion designers get the recognition and appreciation they deserve for their creativity and hard work.

Q3.You are one of the few men in what many would call a woman dominated industry what is that like?
Hahahaha, what an observation! Well, it’s very interesting, and that’s one of the reason I chose the industry, because whatever is dominated by the women isn’t given the full support it needs and deserves.

 Q4.What are your thoughts on Zambian Fashion and the direction which it is taking?
Zambian fashion is one of the best and few authentic industries we have in Zambia, the Zambian fashion industry fits the phrase “Proudly Zambian” perfectly. The industry has taken a great shift and the direction taken will produce nothing but greatness.

 Q5.How aware are Zambians of our booming Fashion industry and can more be done to increase awareness?
The awareness of the industry isn’t really what it should be, but it is growing at a good pace, and that’s pretty awesome. But there is still good ground to be covered.

 Q6.Is there enough collaboration with other industries such as the film and music industries how beneficial can more frequent collaborations be?
There is some collaboration with the music industry, I have seen guys Like Pompi, T-Sean, Marky II in locally produced apparel. We need more collaboration though. Collaboration would be beneficial for us as Zambians economically, as our musicians and actors promote our fashion, we can get a chance to sell beyond the Zambian boarders.

Q7.What have been the highlights for Kuma Order thus far?
Well, Kuma Order is just in its inception stages and pointing out what I’d call a highlight is kind of tricky, but I would say interacting with designers like Christina from Kamanga, Mwandwe from UShi Fabrics and one of Zambia’s influential fashion retailer, Mu from VALA House.

Q8. What is the future for Kuma Order and Zambian Fashion in general?
The future for Kuma Order is to be the best source of authentic African apparel. And the future for Zambian fashion in to be one of the world’s best fashion industry contributors.

Q9.If you had to describe Kuma Order in five words, what would they be?
Authentic, African, Creativity, Solution, Quality.

Q10.Anything else you would like to share with our readers and how do people connect with you (Your location etc)?
I’d like to say, whoever you are, wherever you are, follow your passion and give it 100%. Nothing is as fulfilling as doing what you love. And if you are fashion writer that needs a blogging account, you can sign up for free on our blog www.blog.kumaorder.com

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To connect with Kuma Order:
Call: +260 976 336 696 | +260 962 002 939

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Interview with The Sivada Sisters

Monday, August 10, 2015

Q1.Who are the Sivada Sisters?

Bianca – We are Fashion and Beauty Influencers, Business Women, Designers and Socialites.

Kamara-We South African Socialites and Fashion Entrepreneurs!

Q2.Where are you based and tell us about “Vada by Sivada” and how it started?

Bianca- We are based in South Africa, VADA started a  year ago when we found a gap in the fashion market for socially influenced designers. We felt that young woman needed a designer brand that they could personally relate too, connect with and feel inspired. Our time spent in Europe ignited the desire for the fashion retail market. VADA also sprung from our personal belief to uplift women.

Q3.What was it about Fashion that made you decide to pick it as a career path?

Kamara- Fashion and Style has always been apart of our DNA. We have always been  known for our glamorous sense of style, it’s a passion of ours, why not make your passion  into a career?  It’s the best of both worlds.

Q4.Do you have a particular target market?

Bianca- Yes, at the moment its more based on the type of women (her mindset) than age and demographic. Although we do have male fans ha ha

Q5.Are you looking to Venture beyond South Africa or already have?

Bianca- We have a few counties in mind that we think VADA will fit into perfectly.

Kamara- Yes! We want to really push the brand continentally; I feel as if Africa needs something like VADA and The Sivada Sisters, the concept has never been done before in Africa.

Q6.What are you biggest challenges in your growth as a Brand?

Bianca- People taking us seriously, the stereotype of just being pretty a pretty face is still very prominent in today’s society   ,We destined to change that. Finance was also a challenge   ,We work very hard for what we have and are yet to achieve .

Kamara-Being respected as business woman. Also cutting out the people that don’t serve value to us and our brand, we’ve met so many users that just want a piece of our fame or recognition, success is a lonely road.

Q7.What have been the highlights for Vada by Sivada thus far?

Kamara-Our fans and following, we love them so much! They really motivate us to work harder each day, knowing that people love your brand  as much as we do is such an accomplishment.

Q8.Vada by Sivada is particularly made for Curvy Women – Why?

Bianca- I wouldn’t say it’s made only for curvy women; it’s aimed at embracing curves and enhancing the natural female silhouette.

Kamara-VADA doesn’t box you into a shape or size, we are all about embracing your natural physique, we focus on the beauty of curves as fashion has usually oppressed woman with shape. It’s deeper than just a body type.

Q9.What else keeps the Sisters busy apart from the “Vada by Sivada” Empire?

Bianca- We are always busy! Currently we are working on our separate brand as The Sivada Sisters, we are launching our official website soon and some business surprises! Keep following us for more info.

Kamara- Interviews, business meetings, events, photo shoots, TV, radio! We really need a camera crew to follow us lol Keep a look out for our official Sivada Sisters website launching soon.

Q10.Anything you would like to share with our readers and how do people connect with you?

The biggest form of revenge is massive success! Believe in yourself and always think BIG!

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Interview with MaFashio

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Q1.Who are Sekayi and Tukiya?
Sekayi and Tukiya are sisters and bestfriends, we are fashion bloggers, stylists, make-up artists and fashion consultants.  We are Economics and Law students (respectively) and when we aren’t talking fashion, we are probably reading a good book, making fabulous desserts or watching movies.

Q2.Tell us about MaFashio and how it started?
MaFashio (the blog) begun in the winter of 2012, and armed with nothing but a Blackberry Pearl 8100, we used the blog as a place for us to explore our love for fashion and also to celebrate Zambian’s and their fashion. MaFashio (the company) was then incorporated and Trademarked in the late summer of 2013. Since then we have continued to look for ways to represent and highlight Zambian fashion, by covering more fashion events – such as the prestigious Zambia Fashion Week -, working with more designers and bringing the fashion industry together through networking.
Q3.Who does your Clientele list consist of?
Our clientele has consisted of quite a few corporate bodies, but we always have the most fun styling for fashion designers and influential individuals.

Q4.Do you have a particular target market?
We are most inclined to the fashion enthusiasts, and members of the Zambian Fashion industry.

Q5.What is the state of Zambian Fashion currently and what are you hopes for the near and not so near future?
The industry is still quite small in comparison to many others but is growing at an impressive rate. That said, we are sure and we hope that the Zambian fashion industry will find its place among the global industries of note. In the near future we would like to see the emergence of many more designers and for the industry to begin to add significantly to the national economy, as we know it can.
Q6.What are your biggest challenges in your growth as a Brand?
Foremost would be; being a fashion blogger in a relatively small industry, especially that for a long time, in Zambia, fashion blogging was a relatively new concept, and so the services offered by a fashion blogger (when the company was registered) were/are often misunderstood. 

Q7.What have been the highlights for MaFashio thus far?
Working with the coolest people in the industry!!
Getting to watch, first hand, the continued growth of Zambia Fashion Week and other such brands.
Winning awards (Zambia Social Media and Blog Awards – Best Fashion Blog & Best Photography Blog 2014; Zambia Fashion Week – Best Fashion Blog 2014), and really, any amount of recognition for the work we may have done in the industry.
Q8.Do we see MaFashio venturing into other areas of Expertise within or without Fashion?
Growth and progress are inevitable and required but we would love to stay within the sphere of fashion and fashion related services. 

Q9.Is collaboration a priority for you if so who would you like to collaborate with?
Definitely! Over the years we have come to appreciate the value added by collaborating, with everybody from photographers, designers, models to celebrities. We have been blessed to work with some of the Crème de la crème of Zambian fashion, and certainly hope to continue to do so; but we would also love to collaborate with international bloggers, magazines and fashion houses. 

Q10.Anything you would like to share with our readers and how do people connect with you?
We have learnt that you can start wherever you are, with whatever you have; we have also learnt that it never hurts to ask where you are unsure, whether its starting a blog or starting a business.
If you would like to learn more about us, visit our website, www.mafashio.co.zm and subscribe to our mailing list for all the latest MaFashio news and updates. Follow us on Instagram (www.instagram.com/mafashio_zambia) , Twitter (www.twitter.com/MaFashio), be inspired by what inspires us on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/MaFashio) and like our page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MaFashio).
Kahyi and Kii.

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